#  Toyota guide by Super mini battery car <br>#超小型電気自動車で豊田をご案内 #  Toyota guide by Super mini battery car <br>#超小型電気自動車で豊田をご案内


# Toyota guide by Super mini battery car


The guide system collaborated with HA:MO Ride started!

This is the unique ,environmental friendly transportation service peculiar

in the ” hybrid city” ,Toyota.  You can enjoy both exciting super mini

electric car ride and fascinating Toyota guide.

We visited Matsudaira Go,the memorial place of the great shogun

, Tokugawa Ieyasu as for a test ride. It is 30 minutes mountain ride

from Toyota Station.  It was great !   Join us, and enjoy together !

豊田おもてなしガイドネットワークは、HA:MO Rideと提携



松平郷まで試験走行! 田舎の山道をのんびり走る! 徳川家康もきっと

喜んでくれたでしょうね~ ♪


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